Key Stage 2


 Welcome to Key Stage 2

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 There are currently 23 children in our happy and vibrant Key Stage 2 class. The class ranges from year 3 to 6.  Mr N Gale is the class teacher, with Mrs L Davies and Mr R Evans as teaching assistants.

Our current theme is 'Pits and Ponies'.

PE Kit: Tuesday

Homework due: Friday

All homework is stored in the sub-folder.

See images our activities at the bottom of the page


Year 2017-18

This half term will be very busy due to the Christmas show rehersals. Despite this, we will be studying space during our topic 'Stargazers'. This will include investigating forces and gravity as well as the various planets in our solar system. We will be visiting a planaterium at Techniquest during the half term to consolidate our learning about the solar system. It's going to be hectic but always exciting. 


In our first half term, we studied rocks, volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis in our theme: 'Tremors'. 

We looked in depth at how the Earth's layers have impacts on the geographical world we live in. We described, understood and expressed views about the world we live in. We also had an exciting 3 day visit to Pendine Outddors Residential. We walked through rivers, swam in the sea, climbed high and low ropes and had a fantastic time!

Click on the link for pictures of Pendine: 


Year 2016-17 

 Our last theme had a historical focus, concentrating on Henry VIII and his many wives! Hence the name of the theme: 'Off with her head'. To immerse ourselves within the theme, we also were very lucky to travel to London, visiting the Tower of London and the Houses of Parliament. We will be researching the Tudors and comparing their lifestyles and beliefs to ours today. Following the visit to London, we compared our little village to the enormous London, with first hand experience! We also experienced a 'Tudor Day' with many volunteers from the village. We thoroughly enjoyed this. See the 'Gallery' section for images of that exciting day in King's Court!


Our second theme was 'Galleries'- we focused on various artists and their work, replicating many ideas to develop our own showpiece event towards the end of term. Tied to this, we created persuasion posters, writing letters of invitation and much more. Also in the half term, we prepared and performed 2016's Christmas Show- Sleeping Beauty! 


During our first theme 'The Olympics' we researched modern Olympians, created timelines of recent Olympics, as well as creating many different related object such as medals, crowns and the Olympic rings. See below.